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...creating an alternative pathway...

...creating an alternative pathway...



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Creative Care has developed during the past ten years in several countries including Romania, Czech Republic, Malaysia, as well as the UK. It started in Romania as a means of re-educating staff who worked in institutions that had been subject to the most appalling abuses. Over 200 care staff from psychiatric institutions, orphanages and homes for people with profound disabilities participated in intensive programmes.


Creative Care provides a basic skills programme for care staff in care residencies, day centres and home-care. The skills are carefully graded developmentally, and ideas for implementation are addressed throughout the course. Attachment and loss in later life is the core of the training, with sensory, playful and artistic methods, the use of safe massage, relaxation, storytelling and group interactive skills.


Central to the course philosophy is the importance of a positive psychological approach that focuses on what a person can do, rather than what they cannot achieve. Participants, carers and residents alike, gain in self-esteem, communication skills, and feelings of empowerment.


Creative Care provides a range of ways to develop basic trust between staff as well as residents. Many people mistrust their environment and people around them, when they have been disrupted from their surroundings, and may have reduced signalling skills of familiarity.


Creative Care encourages people to be more independent and self-reliant. It affirms people’s identity and the building of social relationships. It combines the importance of a person’s individual history and identity, together with intergroup relationships, and group dynamics Creative Care brings new experiences, not only for the participants but also the carers themselves.


They can be fun and joyful for everyone as well as contributing to the overall well-being of elderly people. The Creative Care training programme is specifically designed for carers at home as well carers in care homes. Creative Care can also be used in day centres as part of an overall activity programme.


Philosophy and Theory

Creative Care is relationship-centred, based on contemporary research and practice, including:


• Attachment theory (playful and creative relationships)

• Neuroscience (nature and nurture, mirror neurons)

• Eco-play and nature (the roots of sensory experience)

• Ritual and storytelling (the fabric of creativity)

• Dramatisation and Interactive theatre (dramatic social interaction)



• Brains atrophy if they are not stimulated

• Bodies stiffen if they do not move and coordinate

• Feelings flatten through loss and trauma

• Awareness decreases through sensory loss

• Relationships suffer through disrupted attachments



Please discover more about our current training programmes

by selecting one of the options on the right.




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Current Training Programmes


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Creative Care Training in Action


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