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...creating an alternative pathway...

What we do - an interview with Sue Jennings


"When I conducted my original research with the Temiar people in Malaysia, I was very impressed by the respect and consideration shown towards children and older people. Children are to be nurtured and protected. Older people are seen as a source of wisdom and experience. These lived attitudes and beliefs have influenced me ever since, in my thearapeutic and creative work.


Generally speaking, older people prefer to be actively engaged with others, rather than sitting still and being quiet. We are social creatures and seek out communication with people from the moment we are born. This need is with us throughout our lives and, as we age, it is important to continue our social interaction in as many ways as possible.


Older people are a source of experience, as well as beliefs and attitudes that are valuable to the younger generations. However, we tend not to consult with older people and make decisions on their behalf. Not only do older people have a right to be heard, they also have an extended experience that is lived wisdom.


As the Temiar people would say to me about young teachers: "How can they teach others? They have not lived long enough themselves!"


At Creative Care International, we aim to provide courses and the resources to enable those who care for older people, to tap into their creative energies and engage them through the power of the arts in new ways that can often open up channels of communication thought previously lost."


Dr Sue Jennings

2013 Stratford-upon-Avon


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